7 Resources To Help You Get Started With Design Thinking


Design thinking is the human-focused approach to idea creation and innovation. Design thinking can help with identifying new consumer-based products and service options and execute a remarkable experience for your customers.

Listed below are 7 resources that can help you get started with design thinking

  • Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating: Guide Into Design Thinking

These examples help with an overview of the five important stages of design thinking, from insight through to test –

Find out how to use this approach and start creating at your organization.

  • Online Course On Design Thinking

This course is 100% free and is sponsored via OpenLearn, in this course you will learn how to structure your natural creativity and come up with strategic solutions to all kinds of problems –

The course features from introduction to advanced level.

  • Dschool Stanford

Dschool has curated a lot of helpful resources related to design thinking, from classes to workshops that are available for you to explore at your convenience. These activities, tools, and how-tos can be used as a starting point –

With extra help from Dschool Stanford, we hope you will hack them from whatever challenge you’re working on.

  • University Of Virginia Design Thinking For Innovation

When it comes to design thinking it is not just about process and tools, it is more about humans as well; about you as an individual with the knowledge of a design thinker and about the people you intend to create value for –

Innovation in this age and time is for every business and individual if you are a manager in a multinational organization or a teacher in a high school everyone is expected to get lean – to do with less good.

  • eBook By Karl Ulrich On Design

This eBook was written by Karl Ulrich and is published by the University of Pennslyvania the book is available in different formats with great insight and important notable highlights on design thinking –

  • Introduction To Human –

Get great knowledge from Ideo and +Acumen, this course helps you gain strategies and also help master 4 steps of the human-centered design process –

You can also learn to effectively test your samples and experiment on your prototypes with human users.

  • Product Design and Innovation Free Online Course Alison

The product design course gives a detailed breakdown into the process whereby product designers evaluate and conceptualize ideas.

This course helps you learn more about products prototypes and its the role it plays in business –

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