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Axxess Scholarships at UT Dallas in USA 2021

The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science at University of Texas at Dallas in the USA is taking applications for the Axxess Scholarships for foreign candidates in Engineering & Computer Science for the 2021/22 school session.

The school offers Axxess Scholarships to exceptionally qualified undergraduate scholars that are chosen by its scholarship award committees. As a matter of fact, all freshmen are automatically given consideration for scholarship awards from the university.

The Jonsson School provides multiple merit-based scholarship awards to returning full-time engineering and computer science students. Other scholarship award support is a consideration in the selection procedure.

Jonsson School Academic Success Awards are granted to returning, freshman, sophomore and junior students, when funds are obtainable. These scholarship awards are made obtainable by donation from the Excellence in Education Scholarship award Endowment and the Williams Communications Solutions Scholarship award Endowment. Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Endowed Scholarship awards are also granted to returning, freshman, sophomore and junior students when funds are obtainable. Qualified scholars will be automatically given consideration for these awards; no application is required.

The Jonsson School also provides a number of competitive scholarship awards backed by industry and other groups which need application.

Engineering is key to the mission of UT Dallas, which is devoted to being an international leader in innovative, engineering, high-quality science, and business education and research.

The Erik Jonsson School is one of the fastest-developing and most dynamic engineering and computer science schools in the United States.

Worth of Axxess Scholarships at UT Dallas

The Axxess Scholarships at UT Dallas covers tuition fees.

Eligibility for Axxess Scholarships at UT Dallas

To be eligible for the Axxess Scholarships for International Students, a candidate must be a/have an

  • U.S. citizen/permanent resident/international student.
  • Full-time new or present junior or senior seeking an undergraduate degree program provided by the computer science department (CS, SE or Data Science) in the Jonsson School.
  • Academic merit-base with at least 3.3 aggregate GPA.

The candidate must also be

  • Among equally qualified applicants as preference will be given to students who
  • (1) display the highest potential for success in the discipline of computer science and/or software engineering and
  • (2) display leadership skills, community volunteerism or work experience.
  • The beneficiary must sign a release form in accordance with FERPA allowing UT Dallas to use application material for scholarship purposes.

Very important

  • The Axxess Scholarships are renewable every year until the conclusion of an undergraduate degree program or up to 2 years, whichever comes first provided that the conditions are met continually.
  • If the recipient’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.3 and/or is no longer a full-time student, the recipient is given one semester to raise cumulative GPA to 3.3 and/or enrol as a full-time student in order to continue receiving this scholarship. If the recipient is unable to meet the criteria at the end of the probationary semester, then the recipient is no longer eligible to receive this scholarship.

How to Apply for Axxess Scholarships at UT Dallas

  • Carefully go through the criteria for each open scholarship award by clicking on the name of the scholarship
  • Common Application Form accessible with UTD netID
  • Application for Fall 2021 scholarship awards opens from April 5, 2021 – 5:00pm May 14, 2021

Candidates and scholars who are granted a UT Dallas competitive scholarship award and are categorised as non-resident/out-of-state in their admission letter may obtain, in conjunction with the scholarship award, a “competitive scholarship waiver.” This waiver allows a student to pay tuition at the resident/in-state rate. The State of Texas firmly restricts how many competitive scholarship award waivers may be granted, and the granting of such waivers is at the complete discretion of the University.

Application Deadline

  • May 14, 2021, at 5:00 pm.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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