Best Schools for Neuroscience in Europe 2021

Are you trying to make a decision on where to study Neuroscience in Europe? This article provides information on the best schools for Neuroscience in Europe.

Just like wine, European universities tend to get better with age. This is particularly true for the academic institutions that possess centuries of experience in offering higher education. But if you want to enrol a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Neuroscience, which schools are the best schools for Neuroscience you should consider?

Neuroscience or Neural Science is one of the most demanding fields out there. That’s the reason a great academic environment with exceptional instructors can make all the difference. 

Since you have already decided on studying overseas in Europe, let us look at the best schools for Neuroscience in this magnificent continent, which attracts millions of international students each year.

Listed below is the top 10 list of the Best Schools for Neuroscience in Europe: 

U.S. News 2021 Rankings – Best Schools for Neuroscience and Behaviour in Europe

  • University College London (UCL), the UK
  • University of Oxford, the UK
  • University of Cambridge, the UK
  • King’s College London, the UK
  • Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • LMU Munich, Germany
  • VU University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Heidelberg University, Germany
  • University of Edinburgh, the UK
  • University of Zurich, Switzerland

Read the complete Neuroscience Ranking on the official U.S. News website.

Student reviews of the best schools for Neuroscience in Europe

Official university rankings are usually of help for scholars who won’t settle for just any university. Still, there are other conditions you should give consideration to before picking an institution, like student reviews, for instance.

We have listed a lot of examples below, but you can check out a whole lot of other reviews on the individual page of each university. These are available on the universities’ websites.

King’s College London

“Excellent instructors and relevant module contents. Exceptional student support services (societies, administration, careers, etc.). Also remarkable international partnerships and chances to study overseas!”

Karolinska Institute

“It has been a brilliant learning opportunity! Being in the center of Stockholm, students from KI gain access to the best resources from all over the world. My colleagues from university are some of the cleverest people I’ve met!”

Heidelberg University

“Many well-trained professors, who do very exciting high-profile research on their own and therefore are confident what they’re talking about. The university is rated quite highly within Europe, which results in many candidates who come from all around Germany and a big percentage of foreign candidates as well! In addition, Heidelberg is quite a vibrant student city.”

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

“Tübingen is a student city. Over 30% of the inhabitants are students. The University has a rich tradition and is popular in Germany and Europe. (Especially in Medicine). The atmosphere is friendly. The community is very international with a lot of exchange students coming to visit every semester.

Since it is not a large city, Tübingen is very quiet and peaceful. However, it doesn’t lack cultural and social content due to the high number of scholars.”

University of Zurich

“The value of education and the supportive personnel at the University of Zurich opened the doors to a lot of remarkable opportunities. I am thankful for the study experience I got at this institution.”

University College London (UCL)

“I really enjoyed my stay at UCL, particularly my department. All the personnel were lovely and nice, and it felt like a big family instead of an extremely formal environment. The teaching has been spectacular, and this has made me work so much more and proficiently, which has been evident as a rise in my grades from my Bachelor’s degree.”

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