Best Universities in Wales Where You Can Study in 2021

Have you considered studying in Wales? We thought you might be having some trouble picking a school, so we have listed the Best Universities in Wales in this article.

You don’t very much hear so many people talking about studying in Wales, specifically given the rich study offer obtainable in the United Kingdom. And that’s a shame! But that doesn’t mean the region of Wales doesn’t have a lot in store for international students. In fact, here are just a few advantages of studying abroad at one of the best Universities in Wales:

  • Some of the cheapest living costs in the United Kingdom
  • Close links to industry experts
  • 92% of Welsh university graduates get a job 6 months after graduation
  • Focus on student support
  • Rich cultural legacy, with more than 600 castles in the region and also beautiful natural environments
  • Friendly locals and safe space to live in

Don’t get intimidated by the locals speaking the Welsh language! Most locals speak English fluently, which is also the primary official language of the region. While the Welsh language has a great cultural and historical significance to the locals, they will happily accommodate foreign students by communicating in English.

If we have convinced you to give Wales a shot, here are the best universities in Wales where you can study:

1. Cardiff University – Best Universities in Wales

Cardiff University is one of the best research institutions in the United Kingdom, getting the research power ranking of 18 in 2014. The university is also rated 159 globally by QS Rankings, and 191 by Times Higher Education Ranking in 2021. Cardiff University is situated in the capital of the Wales region and is devoted to offering an exceptional student experience, both educationally and culturally. Scholars can also gain from exceptional career services to assist them on their journey after graduation. You’ll find a wide variety of degrees in Medicine, Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, and much more.

2. Swansea University – Best Universities in Wales

Swansea University ranks in the top 300 higher learning institutions globally, as ranked by Times Higher Education 2021, and sits in the 474th position in the QS Rankings 2021. The university possesses a strong reputation for the quality experience it provides to scholars, made attainable also by the pulsating art and culture of the city where the university is situated. Scholars are motivated to think and work autonomously and to employ solution-focused and critical thinking. You can enjoy the gorgeous coastline location of the university while enrolled in one of the many available degrees, with a special selection for fields like Medicine, Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering.

3. Aberystwyth University – Best Universities in Wales

Aberystwyth University is listed in the top 500 higher academic institutions globally both in QS Rankings and Times Rankings 2021. School in an idyllic coastal town renowned for its rich cultural heritage. The university carries out research across all fields, comprising topics like climate change, crop breeding, astronomy, and language policies. You will be able to learn Business, Humanities, Social Sciences and IT, and other topics relevant to the current education climate.

4. Bangor University – Best Universities in Wales

Bangor University is rated in the top 500 higher academic institutions in the world by Times Higher Education in 2021. Every year, 10,000 scholars attend degrees at Bangor University attesting to the excellence of teaching and research at the school. Research carried out at the school concentrates on topics related to Modern Languages, Biology, Education, Healthcare, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, and more.

5. Cardiff Metropolitan University – Best Universities in Wales

Cardiff Metropolitan University possesses a strong record of pragmatic research in fields of business, industry, and liberal professions. The majority of degrees offered are in the fields of Business, Hospitality, Health and Education. The university offers work placements to improve the chances of graduate employability in reputable organizations.

More universities where you can study in Wales

Here are a few more universities from Wales that did not make the top of the ranking lists, but may still be good study options for you:

Ready to embark on your study adventure? The friendly people of Wales and the top-tier schools are waiting for you to join them.

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