Career Paths You Can Pursue With A Bachelor in Management

A bachelor in management is one of the more versatile business degrees out there, meaning management graduates are highly sought-after for their broad knowledge and awareness of business and business-related areas, including economics, finance, marketing, and people management. Consequently, there are a lot of career paths you can pursue with a bachelor in management, like management consultancy, business advisory and business development, and project management. But if the world of business and finance isn’t your first choice, here are some other highly rewarding career paths you may want to pursue with a management degree.

Chief Marketing Officer

A chief marketing officer’s main duties include the planning, development, implementation, and management of a coordinated marketing and advertising strategy campaign in order to promote a product/service and drive profits.

This is an exciting role involving numerous managerial, analytical, and creative tasks, such as: conducting in-depth market research to stay ahead of emerging trends and industry developments, meeting targets, producing reports, as well as managing budgets, teams, and resources.

Chief marketing officers have to constantly broaden their knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and technologies to better serve consumers’ expectations. For this reason, having good commercial awareness sounds business knowledge, and communication skills, as well as being adaptable and resilient, is vital to succeeding in this role.

Event Director

Being an Events Director is another Career Paths You Can Pursue With A Bachelor in Management. Event directors are responsible for the successful execution and management of a variety of business and social events – from weddings to charity fundraisers and corporate conferences.

This is a hands-on role that demands the ability to think fast, be adaptable and well-organized, manage a dynamic team, budget finances, a strong commercial awareness, and above all else – offer outstanding customer service skills.

The skills and knowledge acquired in a bachelor in management are especially helpful in gaining a head start in this field.

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Luxury Travel Manager – Career Paths You Can Pursue With A Bachelor in Management

This is an exclusively client-facing role where you can combine your passion for travel with managerial knowledge and expertise.

As a private luxury travel manager, it’s your job to offer the highest level of customer care at all times to your clients when it comes to taking responsibility for designing and curating bespoke holidays around the world. Exceptional attention to detail, up-to-date knowledge of market trends, and an excellent network are imperative should you want to pursue a career as a luxury travel manager.

Public Relations Officer

If you are resilient and adaptable, then a role in public relations could be ideal.

Public relations officers carry out a wide range of tasks and duties, including the planning, creation, and implantation of public relations strategies and press releases, organizing press conferences and events, as well as fostering positive relations between the community, key spokespeople, and the media.

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Another rewarding Career Path You Can Pursue With A Bachelor in Management that is gaining increasing international attention is in the corporate social responsibility area.

As companies become more aware of their ethical, sustainable, and environmental practices, corporate social responsibility managers oversee the creation and implementation of a company’s social responsibility strategy and objectives – for example, looking at ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint emission.

If the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative is met, this can boost customer loyalty, brand trust, as well as increase the long-term profits of the company.

Start your own business and be your own boss

Have you got an entrepreneurial instinct? being an entrepreneur is another Career Paths You Can Pursue With A Bachelor in Management. While being your own boss and starting up your own business venture comes with its challenges, many who go on to become successful entrepreneurs enjoy the independence that comes with working for yourself and hiring a team who are just as passionate, keen, and dedicated to your business as you are.

It’s a great starting point for those who want to get a good idea of what it’s like to work and manage a team while bringing visions and concepts to life.

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