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Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford in UK 2022

The University of Oxford in the UK welcomes applications for the esteemed Clarendon Scholarships for graduate program in the 2022 academic session. All candidates for graduate study at the University are qualified. Clarendon scholarship beneficiaries come from all countries in the world: from the Americas to Australia, Venezuela to Vietnam and from Norway to Nigeria. Around 130 scholarship awards are granted every year.

The Clarendon Scholarships are granted to academically exceptional candidates with the best proven future prospect. The scholarship awards are funded by Oxford University Press and are only obtainable at the University of Oxford. The scholarship awards are for graduate degree programs and available to full-time and part-time candidates. Decisions on scholarship awards are based primarily on academic merit.

Worth of Awards

  • Clarendon Scholarships provide tuition and college fees in full and a substantial award for living costs.
  • The award for living costs for scholars on a full-timeprogram is normally adequate to cover the living costs of a single candidates living in Oxford.
  • Scholars on a part-time program obtain a pro-rata amount of the full-time award for living costs. Part-time Master’s candidates are granted 1/3 of the full-time grant each year for two years. Part-time DPhil candidates are granted 1/6 of the full-time grant each year for six years.

Eligibility for Clarendon Scholarships

  • Under the current Combined Award Policy for Clarendon Scholarship award beneficiaries that came into effect from the 2011-12 academic session, Clarendon scholars may be in receipt of an award package providing tuition fees, college fees and living costs from multiple sources, and the value of the award package from these sources may amount up to the total of a standard Clarendon Scholarship award plus an extra £2,500 p/a for living costs
  • Clarendon scholars may be recipients of small external awards that provide non-fee costs (e.g. to support seminar attendance, fieldwork expenses and travel) up to the corresponding GBP value of £2,500 p/a without any alteration to their Clarendon funding package.
  • Clarendon Scholarships are granted for the entire period that you are liable to pay tuition fees to the University, which is generally the same as the length of the program
  • Scholarship awards are subject to a yearly renewal procedure based on acceptable academic progress.
  • All degree-bearing programs at graduate level are qualified.
  • This comprises all full-time and part-time Master’s programs (MSc, MSt, BCL/MJur, MFE, MBA, BPhil, MPhil, MSc by Research, MTh) and all DPhil (same as PhD) programs.
  • Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma programs are not qualified for this scholarship award.
  • All graduate candidates from any nation are qualified for this esteemed scholarship award which has, up until recently, only been available to foreign students. There is no preference for any program of study.
  • Applicants applying to commence a new graduate program at Oxford are qualified. This comprises candidates who are presently studying for a Master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil (you would be qualified for funding for the DPhil)
  • Applicants who prior to now have a place but who deferred entry from a past year are not qualified to apply (as you can apply for Clarendon in the year that you put in for your place and then, if you are selected, you can submit application to defer your funding if you have to defer your place).
  • Candidate who will continue to study for the same degree program at Oxford in the following year are not qualified for this scholarship award.

How to Apply for Clarendon Scholarships

By putting in for graduate study at Oxford University you will by default be given consideration for the Clarendon Scholarships. You do not have to submit any extra documents particularly for the Clarendon Scholarships and there is no distinct scholarship application form.

Application Deadline

Submit an application by the relevant January deadline for your program to be given consideration for a Clarendon scholarship.

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