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Concordia Presidential Scholarships in Canada 2021

Concordia Presidential Scholarships in Canada are fully-funded and is open to International candidates. The scholarship award allows Undergraduate level program(s) in all subjects taught at Concordia University. The closing date of the scholarship award is 01 Feb 2021.

Situated in the exciting and multicultural City of Montreal, Concordia University ranks among the top-ranked universities worldwide established within the last 50 years and among the biggest urban universities in Canada.

While Concordia’s next-generation thinking enables it to consistently look forward, its roots are strongly planted in two unique institutions of higher education, both with memorable histories. The university was formally established on August 24, 1974, after the union of Sir George Williams University and Loyola College.

Concordia University welcomes excellent foreign scholars each year from all around the world to learn, research and innovate at their excelling institution.

The Concordia Presidential Scholarships is a newly created, completely funded scholarship award structured to support foreign undergraduate candidates who have displayed academic brilliance, community leadership and inspiration to better the international community. This scholarship award will provide tuition and fees, books and living expenses on the basis od Concordia’s residency rate. Every year, this respected award will be awarded to up to 2 incoming candidates from any faculty.

Degree Level:

Concordia Presidential Scholarships is obtainable to undergo Undergraduate level programs at Concordia University.

Available Subjects:

The following subjects are available to study under this scholarship award program.

  • All Subjects

Eligible Nationalities:

Foreign fee-paying candidates are qualified to apply.

Benefits of Concordia Presidential Scholarships

Concordia University offers support to all foreign undergraduate candidates who have shown academic brilliance, community guidance and motivation to better the international community. This program will:

  • cover tuition and fees,
  • books cost
  • living expenses based on Concordia’s residency rate.

It is typically renewable up to four years given that the candidates meet all renewal conditions.

Eligibility for Concordia Presidential Scholarships

To be qualified, the candidates have to meet all the following/given conditions:

  • First time attending university.
  • Enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program.
  • Foreign student, paying full international candidate rate.
  • Commencing studies at Concordia University in Fall 2021.

How to Apply for Concordia Presidential Scholarships

Application forms have to be completed online for admission and have to be uploaded to the My Concordia student portal. Candidates are required to complete the Nomination Form

  • Supporting Documents: Have to provide a recent CV that lists all their work, volunteer experience, cultural, accolades, and other achievements.
  • A Personal Statement – describing their community leadership and devotion to bettering the international community, and describing how getting this application will assist in the pursuit of their education and the achievement of their personal and academic aspirations.
  • Admission Requirements: Candidates have to be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.00.
  • Language Prerequisite: Candidates have to satisfy the English Language Requirement of the University.

Candidates have to also be nominated by a person who can corroborate their accomplishments and their character. Nominators must be someone who knows the candidates and their achievements well. Usually, the nominator cannot be a close friend or relative. This nominator has to fill out a nominator’s package and forward it via email to [email protected]. The nominator’s package has to comprise the following:

  • The Nomination Form
  • A private 1000-word personal statement that specifies why they think the candidate is the best person to be considered for the Concordia Presidential Scholarships.
  • Email subject line: Presidential Scholarship Nomination StudentLastName_Student ID (Example: Presidential Scholarship Nomination Doe_12345678)
  • File name: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_StudentID#_Nominator (Example: Doe_John_12345678_Nominator)

Selection Process for Concordia Presidential Scholarships

Candidates and nominators will each get email confirmations of receipt if their package is whole. Incomplete applications will be removed from consideration without notice. All finished applications will be assessed by Concordia’s Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee. Once a decision has been reached, candidates will be informed by email.


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