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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in France 2021

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs welcomes applications for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program in the 2021/22 academic session.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was created by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to allow French higher education institutions to entice top foreign candidates to enroll in their masters and PhD degree programs.

It affords opportunity to the upcoming foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority fields of study, and inspires candidates up to 25 years old from developing nations at master’s level, and candidates up to 30 years old from developing and industrialized nations at PhD level.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program (Eiffel Program) has two constituents:

  • The master’s constituent provides 12 to 36 months of funding to allow scholarship award recipients to earn a master’s-level degree.
  • The doctoral constituent supports up to 12 months of PhD research in France as part of a joint PhD program.

Fields of study Eiffel scholarships are obtainable in four wide-ranging fields:

  • Law
  • Economics and management
  • Engineering at the master’s degree level and the sciences more widely at the doctoral level (engineering and also physics, mathematics, the life sciences, chemistry, nano- and biotechnology, space sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, and information and communication sciences and technologies)
  • Political science

Worth of Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

Master’s component

The Eiffel scholarship award comprises a monthly stipend of €1,181 (a maintenance stipend of €1,031 plus an allowance of €150). Furthermore, the following benefits are granted:

  • International air travel.
  • Train travel within France.
  • Local transportation. Refund of up to €50 of the expense of travel by taxi or public transportation from the aerodrome or train station to the first study location.
  • Health insurance.
  • Cultural activities.

Eligibility for Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

  • The Eiffel Program is available only to non-French citizens. Applicants with two nationalities of which one is French are not qualified.
  • Applicants for the master’s constituent have to be 25 or under at the time of the 2020 contest—that is, they should have been born after March 1995.
  • Applicants for the doctoral constituent have to be 30 or below at the time of the 2020 contest; they should have been born after March 1990.
  • Only applications handed in by French educational institutions will be taken. These institutions commit to granting admission to awardees to the academic program stated in the application. Applications from any other channel will not be given consideration. Any applicant nominated by more than one institution will be takekn out of consideration.
  • Eiffel Program scholarship awards are aimed for candidates looking to enroll in a master’s level program in France (and at a school of engineering) and for PhD candidates. Only programs licensed by the French government are qualified.
  • The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program may not be used at French-run programs overseas or in connection with traineeship contracts or professional training contracts.
  • Applications nominating candidates who, at the period of application, have prior to now been granted another French government scholarship award will not be accepted, even if the other scholarship award provided only health insurance.
  • Language proficiency. When choosing non-French-speaking applicants, institutions must make sure that the applicants’ language skills satisfy the criteria of the academic program.
  • Candidates enrolled in academic programs overseas have precedence over candidates already in France.

How to Apply for Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

  • French higher education institutions shortlist the best foreign candidates whom they desire to enrol in their programs for Eiffel scholarship awards. The different institutions fill out the application forms referring to guidelines and instructions distributed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.
  • So to apply, you have to submit an application to a French higher institution and specify that you wish to be nominated for the scholarship award.

Application Deadline: Closing date for the reception of applications by Campus France:  January 8th 2021.

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