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Google Software Engineering PhD Internship for Fall in CA, USA 2019 – Apply Here

Google Software Engineering PhD Internship is available to international students looking to further their studies. This post contains information on requirements and how to apply for the internship.

Google is presenting a wonderful opportunity – Software Engineering PhD Intern Program – in the state of California. Take hold of this distinctive program that guarantees individual and professional growth, an executive speaker series, and community-building.

This opportunity is open to candidates currently pursuing a PhD degree in computer science or in a related technical discipline and must possess programming experience in one or more of the following: C/C++, Java or Python.

This offer is a distinctive opportunity proffering personal and professional growth, an executive speaker series, and community-building.

Numerous questions have been asked about Google Software Engineering PhD Internship. These questions include:

To satisfy applicants’ inquisitions the following information will give complete details into the internship.

Provider: Google, Inc.
Program Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA, USA + 10 other locations

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Google Software Engineering PhD Internship Eligibility Requirements

To commence the application procedure, you need to meet all the eligibility measures:

  • Revert to a degree program after conclusion of the internship
  • Candidates must possess execution abilities with one or more broad purpose programming languages, including but not restricted to: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript and/or Go.
  • Applicants must possess research experience in the following fields; Algorithms, Architecture, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Compilers, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Networking and/or Systems.
  • Candidates must prove a background in computer science, with proficiencies in data structures, software design and algorithms.

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Is this Available to International Students: No

Is this a Paid Position? This is a salary paid program.

Google Software Engineering PhD Internship Description

Google appoints people with a comprehensive set of technical skills that are prepared to take on some of the leading challenges of technology and impact millions of lives.

The platform will afford you the chance to work on complex computer science solutions and to create accessibly, disseminated software systems. As a software engineering intern, you will aid the core functions of their engineering processes along with their original products and services.

The role also offers support for developing scalable, distributed software systems, and also to work together on multitudes of universal alluring small projects – in which research, attentiveness, participation and the ability to ask the right questions are essential.

You will be functioning in one of the following sections that depending on your training and experience: Product and Systems Development, Site Reliability, and Engineering Productivity.

As an intern, your duties are:

  • You will be available for research, formation, and development of software applications to advance and broaden Google’s product offerings.
  • Candidates will work together on scalability challenges, which include access to huge volumes of data and information.
  • Applicants will add to a variety of projects employing natural language processing, data compression, artificial intelligence, search technologies, and machine learning.

Number of awards offered: Unknown

Duration: 12-14 week

Notification: Not given

How to Apply for the Google Software Engineering PhD Internship

To put in, you will be required to upload an updated CV or resume and a recent unofficial or official transcript in English to finalize an online application.

By submitting an application to this position, your application is automatically submitted to the following places:  1) Mountain View, CA, USA; 2) Los Angeles, CA, USA; 3) Kirkland, WA, USA; 4) San Francisco, CA, USA; 5) Palo Alto, CA, USA;  6) Cambridge, MA, USA; 7) Seattle, WA, USA; 8) New York, NY, USA; 9) Sunnyvale, CA, USA;10) San Bruno, CA, USA; 11) Madison, WI, USA.

Application Deadline: Submissions are due by June 27, 2019, at 11:59 pm PT. 

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