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Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program in USA 2021

Harvard University is requesting applications from qualified candidates for the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program (HSAFP) for postgraduate programs in 2021.

President Derek Bok founded the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program (HSAFP) in 1979 to see to the needs of South Africa nationals. That is, those who could not gain access to advanced education because of the apartheid system. This program was created and is still aimed, for mid-career professionals academically underprivileged by past laws and resource distributions in South Africa.

Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program looks to grow its reach to institutions and establishments across South Africa in a progressive effort to draw the widest possible range of applicants for the program. Furthermore, the University – mirroring the present South African constitution – has grown its candidate pool to extend to all South Africans. This is irrespective of ethnicity or race.

Fellows are chosen because they have displayed considerable skill in their selected disciplines, and are required to gain from advanced training.  Fellowship programs are for one year of schooling in one of Harvard’s Professional Schools or Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. It encompasses tuition waivers offered by the School once fellows are granted admission.

General administrative resources for program management, allowances, and ticket fare for the fellow are offered by the Office of the President, and overseen by the Center for African Studies, under the leadership of Professor John Mugane. Since the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program was created 40 years ago, over 220 Fellows have become alumni of the program, holding leadership roles in all aspects of South African society, comprising many professors and senior executives at schools in South Africa, frontrunners in the private sector, and a number of South Africans devoted to public service as bureaucrats in government and international establishments.

Worth of Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program

  • The Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program covers payment of all fees for the full period of enlistment at Harvard.
  • The fellowship programs also funds return trip between the fellow’s home and Boston.
  • A monthly allowance is offered to fellows, apart from those enlisted in the Executive Education Programs. This allowance provides the cost of accommodation and other living costs; housing is typically in university graduate dormitories.

Eligibility for Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program

  • The HSAFP was founded largely to offer academic enrichment for men and women in mid-career. That is, persons in different occupations who have displayed considerable aptitude and leadership in their selected careers. They are anticipated to gain from advanced training.
  • Thus, applicants who have just concluded, or who have not yet concluded, a first degree are not considered. This is unless the degree program has been pursued alongside, or after, experience in the workplace.
  • Fellows typically range in age from 30 to 45 years.
  • They have to be South African nationals.
  • Candidates must decide well in advance whether, if granted a fellowship, they can be given leave by their employers for Harvard’s academic session.
  • They should typically plan to be present at Harvard from September until June. However, some programs allow fellows to commence residence on July 1st.
  • No applicant should accept an interview unless guaranteed that such leave will be given.
  • The Center does not aim to award fellowships to anyone who later finds it impossible to make use of the opportunity.

How to Apply for Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program

  • Fellows hand in their applications straight to the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program at Harvard University.
  • A panel of HSAFP old students, Center staff and the CAS Faculty Director will interview the short-listed candidates in South Africa.
  • Chosen applicants must then apply to and be granted admission to the specific Harvard school where they plan to study.

Application Deadline

Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program applications are due on April 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST. 

Visit here for more information and to apply

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