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Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany 2021

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation invites applications for the Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdocs and experienced Scientists in 2021/22 academic session.

With the Humboldt Research Fellowship program, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation assists above-average researchers from all around the world. As a scholarship holder, you can benefit from the individual support provided by the Humboldt Foundation and our diverse support services.

The Humboldt Research Fellowship program allows you to execute your personal research project at different phases of your career – in collaboration with hosts from a research institution of your choosing in Germany. The hosts can apply for a research grant.

Worth of Humboldt Research Fellowship


  • Make use of the research funding in Germany to effectively commence your scientific career. With the Humboldt Research Fellowship program for Postdocs, you can accomplish your research project in Germany. 
  • The monthly grant is 2,670 euros. It can be applied for between 6 and 24 months.

Experienced scientists

  • Even if you have prior to now made real progress in your academic career, you can obtain research funding in Germany. With the Humboldt Research Fellowship program for Veteran Scientists, you can execute your research project in Germany. The monthly grant is 3,170 euros. It can be applied for between 6 and 18 months and split into up to three stays in three years.
  • In addition to the amount of the scholarship, you will receive personal support during your funding. You can then decide the commencement of your scholarship award very flexibly. You – and your partner too – can enrol for an intensive language program in advance of your research scholarship. 
  • Additional financial assistance – family stipends for children and partners, travel stipends, etc. – is possible.

Eligibility for Humboldt Research Fellowship

The Humboldt Research Fellowship program is targeted at researchers with PhDs and above-average credentials from all around the world – irrespective of their subject.

In order to successfully apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship, you should meet the following criteria:

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  • You do not have German citizenship. As a German national – or if you have concluded your school and university degree program or your university degree and your PhD in Germany – you can apply given that your primary focus of work and life has been overseas for over ten years lies.
  • For a acceptable application, you should not have been in Germany for over six months in the past 18 months prior to submission of the application.
  • If you have been in Germany not for long, you should hand in your application as soon as you can, as the official admission of the application can only be decided when the application has been gotten.
  • A researcher at a scientific institute of your choosing in Germany will provide you a written verification of research and supervision and will write a detailed expert opinion for you.
  • You can provide two reference reports.
    Postdocs: The advisor of your PhD thesis and also another researcher – if possible outside your institute – supply rational information about your qualifications. Experienced scientists: The reports come from important cooperation partners or researchers at your own and other institutes, if possible also outside your country of origin.
  • Natural and engineering sciences: You possess decent German or English language proficiency.
  • Humanities and social sciences and also medicine: You possess decent German language proficiency, as far as this is required for the successful execution of your research project. Otherwise, good English language skills are sufficient.

They assume that you stick to the regulations of good scientific practice  (PDF) and the moralities of scientific ethics.

If you have already received funding from the Humboldt Foundation, you cannot apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship. Their alumni programs are open to you.

How to Apply for Humboldt Research Fellowship

If you would like to submit an application for the Humboldt Research Fellowship program, please upload the required credentials online to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

When your online application has been gotten, you will get a written confirmation from them through email. After going through your credentials, they will notify you of the anticipated selection date.

Application Deadline

The selection committee in charge of your application convenes every March, July and November. Please submit your fully filled out application form with the required additional credentials in good time prior to the desired selection date.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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