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IHS Discussion Colloquia in USA 2021

The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) in the United States welcomes applications for the IHS Discussion Colloquia for graduate candidates in 2021.

IHS Discussion Colloquia are structured for advanced graduate candidates and faculty members looking for comprehensive discussions about specific topics in the classical liberal tradition. Their Discussion Colloquia make use of a roundtable discussion model and occurs during a weekend with around 15 peers, a collective set of readings, and a professional discussion leader. During the program, partakers will have the chance to discuss deeply interesting and challenging topics with their colleagues, network together, share their research, and improve their classical liberal scholarship with fresh ideas, viewpoints, and tools.

Contributors will obtain readers approximately two months in advance of the event and should come completely ready to deliberate on the material. The conversation will be Socratic—that is, question-driven—and will comprise a variety of expertise levels. Discussion Colloquia do not contain any workshops, lectures, or presentations. They depend completely on the quality of argument every member brings to the table and the questions provided by the discussion leader. A complete Discussion Colloquium is comprised of six sessions of one and a half hours each, and contributors are expected to attend all sessions and also all social events (and meals).

Worth of IHS Discussion Colloquia

  • IHS offers accepted candidates all meals and shared housings for the length of the seminar, on the basis of dual-occupancy with another candidate of the same gender.
  • Accepted candidates will be qualified for a travel allowance to provide airfare or ground transportation to and from the conference.
  • IHS Discussion Colloquia offer unique chances for candidates to explore classical liberal concepts at an advanced level, inspiring and informing additional research.

Eligibility for IHS Discussion Colloquia

  • To be qualified for consideration, candidates have to either be full-time PhD candidates or faculty members at a degree-awarding college or university.

How to Apply for IHS Discussion Colloquia

  • You can submit application for this opportunity online
  • Candidates can apply to any of the programs specified below.

Liberty and Civil Society | Winter/Spring 2021

All through the history of Classical Liberalism, concepts about liberty have been bound up with comprehension that most significant changes—social, political, economic, and cultural—have been the outcome of civil society. In this colloquium, candidates will investigate foundational texts on both liberty and civil society like Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments, Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, and Ferguson’s Essay on the History of Civil Society. Selections from contemporary scholars comprise Robert Putnam’s article “Bowling Alone,” Spencer MacCallum’s The Art of Community, and Peter Linebaugh’s The Incomplete, True, Authentic, and Wonderful History of May Day. The conversation will be headed by Georgetown University’s John Hasnas.

Origins of Capitalism | Winter/Spring 2021

The history of capitalism is not merely a crucial constituent of the Classical Liberal tradition, but it is also at the bleeding edge of a range of fields in academia today. Comprehending capitalism’s origin, its consequences for society, and its growth over time and space can not only enable us comprehend why the world is the way it is today but it also allows Classical Liberals to provide both sharper defences and critiques of capitalism the way it really exists. During this colloquium, candidates will discuss crucial modern scholarship on the subject from Joel Mokyr’s The Enlightened Economy and Dierdre McCloskey’s Bourgeois Dignity to Douglas Allen’s The Institutional Revolution and Joyce Appleby’s The Relentless Revolution.

Liberty and the Struggle for the Early Chinese State | Winter/Spring 2021

Ancient China was one of the world’s great fonts of literature, art, economic efficiency, and religion, but it was also a period and place signified by an incredible deluge of political thought. In this discussion, candidates will explore many intricacies of early Chinese political philosophy via the long conflict between Legalism and Confucianism. Candidates will of course come across Confucius and Legalist Han Fei Tzu, and also a broad variety of other figures like Mencius, Shang Yang, and Xun Kuang. Modern writings comprise selections from thinker Roderick Long’s Rituals of Freedom and historian Valerie Hansen’s The Open Empire. The conversation will be headed by the Institute for Economic Affairs’ Stephen Davies.

Application Deadline: Applications are ongoing. For additional information, get in touch through [email protected].

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