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Keystone Symposia Scholarship in USA 2021

Keystone Symposia in the United States is welcoming applications for the Keystone Symposia Scholarship award for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows for the goal of obtaining the professional skills in 2021.

Abstracts handed in for poster presentation will be utilised as the basis for granting the scholarships. Keystone Symposia Scholarship beneficiaries will be chosen on the basis of the quality of science of the abstract and the significance of the abstract to the seminar topic. Only one application per abstract will be considered. Only one scholarship award per lab will be allotted.

Keystone Symposia will function as a catalyst for the progression of biomedical and life sciences by linking scientists within and across fields at workshops and conferences held at venues that produce an environment favourable to information exchange, generation of new concepts and acceleration of applications that profit society.

Worth of Keystone Symposia Scholarship

  • Keystone Symposia is providing scholarship awards of up to 1,200USD to Students and Postdoctoral fellows.
  • These scholarship awards are to be utilised to assist in defraying the costs associated with workshop attendance, including airfare (limits may apply on the basis of funding source), lodging expenses, ground transportation, and a part of meeting registration. Receipts will be needed to get reimbursement.

Eligibility for Keystone Symposia Scholarship

To be qualified for a Keystone Symposia Scholarship award, you have to be:

  • A graduate candidate or postdoctoral fellow presently enrolled in an academic institute at the beginning of the meeting for which you are applying.
  • Note: a graduate student is described as a candidate who is studying for a higher degree at an academic institution.
  • A postdoctoral fellow is described as a person with a Ph.D., M.D., or DVM degree who is involved in a temporary period of mentored research and/or academic training for the goal of obtaining the professional skills needed to pursue their desired career path and is within 6 years of these degrees.
  • A candidate is qualified to obtained one award per meeting year (July 1st – June 30th).

Review Criteria

Conditions for Abstract Review:

  1. Relevance to the meeting topic
  2. Significance of the scientific question and results
  3. Style
    • Organization (e.g., the abstract has a well-defined beginning, middle and end)
    • Grammar and spelling
  4. Clarity of scientific presentations
    • Clear question or hypothesis
    • Sufficient background
    • The tentative approach and basis for the approach are clear
    • The results are clearly presented
    • The explanation and conclusions are rational and logical

How to Apply for Keystone Symposia Scholarship

After signing into your account, you should follow the steps on the bottom of the page:

  • Select your meeting (Step 1 below)
  • Confirm your contact details (Step 2 below)
  • Hand in an abstract for the meeting to which you are putting in (with paid abstract fee) (Step 3 below)
  • Get your mentor to submit a letter through their website to confirm your status as a student or postdoc (Step 4 below)
  • If you are qualified and wish to be given consideration for a scholarship award, you should complete all of the following by the scholarship closing date for the meeting you are looking to attend.
  • It is recommended that you start these steps in advance of the closing date to guarantee completion.

Attention NIH staffs: Keystone Symposia processes scholarship awards as a refund. Please be aware that if your employment standing with NIH precludes obtaining awards as a refund, your scholarship award will comprise only of registration paid “in kind”. You will lose the rest of the award. They will not be able to pay “in kind” for such costs as housing and transportation.

Application Deadline: The closing dates for Keystone Symposia Scholarship award applications are listed on the website, and choose the meeting that you are interested in. All the closing dates including the scholarship closing dates are stated there.

Click here for more details and to apply

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