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Leakey Foundation Research Grants in PhD for International Students

Leakey Foundation Research Grants in PhD is available to international students looking to further their studies. This post contains information on requirements and how to apply for the scholarship.

The purpose of The Leakey Foundation is to augment scientific knowledge, education, and public comprehension of human origins, evolution, survival, and behavior. The Foundation is a not-for-profit devoted to funding a scientific study that investigates the many facets of human beginnings and sharing the results of this research through our innovative scholastic programs.

Leakey Foundation is delighted to offer the Research Grants to inspire Ph.D. students to take their career to the next stage. The research program is available to advance doctoral students and recognized scientists from around the world.

Numerous questions have been asked about Leakey Foundation Research Grants in PhD. These questions include:

To satisfy applicants’ inquisitions the following information will give complete details into the scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility

Advanced doctoral scholars (advanced to candidacy – all but dissertation) and recognized scientists are qualified for Leakey Foundation Research Grants. There are no nationality constraints; however, all submissions must be in English.

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Scholarship Funding

The Leakey Foundation solely funds research related explicitly to human origins. Precedence of funding is commonly given to investigative phases of promising new research projects that meet the stated objective of the Foundation. The bulk of The Leakey Foundation’s Research Grants awarded to doctoral scholars are in the $3,000-$15,000 range. Higher grants given to senior scientists and post-doctoral students may be financed up to $25,000.

Scholarship Deadlines

The closing dates for research grant submissions are January 10th and July 15th.  All submissions and re-submissions are due on this date.

Please deliberate on the following if you are considering applying for the Research Grant:

  • Is my research applicable to human origins and evolution?
  • For PhD candidates: Will I be progressed to candidacy (all but dissertation) before the closing date for application?
  • Am I associated with an academic or research institute?
  • We do not grant funds to individuals.
  • Am I completely compliant on all previous Leakey Foundation awards?

How to Apply for Leakey Foundation Scholarship

Please use the detailed application guideline as well as the application instructions and FAQs to get ready the attachments that you will upload for your new application. Then use the links on this page to apply online.

Do you have any questions?

For more information and questions contact [email protected].

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