Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies (2 Positions)

Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies, Vacancies at Promasidor Nigeria. The organization is recruiting and there are available job openings at Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies. This post will provide you with instructions on how to apply for the vacant job positions, requirements and detailed guide.

Promasidor is an African establishment proud of their heritage and totally devoted to the African continent. They produce, market and sell exclusive brands which offers practicality and excitement to millions of customers across Africa. They are hiring to fill the following positions described below.

Aspiring candidates have been asking several pertinent questions about the Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies. Some of these questions are:

  • Is Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies form out?
  • How to apply for Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies
  • I need updates on Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies
  • When Will Promasidor Nigeria start Recruitment?
  • Deadline for Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies?

These questions will be fully answered in this article. Further vital details about the job positions, requirements, and application process for the Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies will also be mentioned.

The guidelines given in this article can assist candidates to make a successful application and also stand a chance to be shortlisted.

Ongoing Recruitments You Can Also Apply For Here:

How to Apply to Promasidor Nigeria Vacancies

Job Position Location Deadline Recruitment Portal
Coordinator – Non-Current Asset & Current Asset Lagos 1st November 2019 Apply Now
Officer – Accounts Receivable Lagos 1st November 2019 Apply Now

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