Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree in 2021

You have reasons to study a foundation degree if you want to study at a university abroad but don’t yet qualify for the admission requirements of your selected Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.

International foundation programs are structured for prospective students who do not yet meet the entry conditions for university entrance based on their present qualifications, or for students who have been out of school for longer periods.

Preparation programs — also referred to as ‘foundation programmes’ or ‘pathway programmes’ — can typically be concluded in one to three semesters or within four and twelve months. Foundation programs typically fall into one of two classifications:

  • pre-Bachelor’s programmes 
  • pre-Master’s programmes 

During these programs, you will get exposed to university level expectations and improve your aptitudes for undergraduate or graduate studies overseas. Please find more Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree below.

1. Develop relevant academic skills – Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree

The academic subjects you will take are all delivered using a lecture-and-tutorial technique. These techniques focus on hands-on experiences, discussions, and relations between students. This procedure reflects the pattern of teaching that you will face during your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs. Preparation programs will assist you learn how to:

  • plan and execute a research project
  • create and present academic presentations
  • effectively take notes during lectures
  • write in an academic style
  • cite and quote sources of information properly
  • computer training
  • improve your reading speed and comprehension of written texts

Classes also comprise information about the nature of questions you are expected to find in exam papers and also a lot of helpful tips for exams and assignments. Effective preparation programs are structured to improve the way you study by encouraging self-assessment, analytical thinking, and independent research skills.

2. Better understand academic content – Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree

Based on the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program you intend to study, diverse pathway programs cover particular areas of interest. The good thing about preparation programs is that you can pick your preferred area of study and concentrate only on the information that will be of use to you during your undergraduate or graduate degree program.

For instance, candidates who want to get ready for Business-related degrees will take Business foundation programs (there are even pre-MBAs available), Engineering candidates will take Engineering-related foundation programs, and so on.

3. Improve English language proficiency – Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree

International foundation programs are ideal if you’re looking for intensive language training to quickly get the required English skills to fulfil the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree admission conditions. For English-speaking nations, classes merge three types of language preparation:

  • intensive general English
  • English for university study
  • IELTS language preparation classes

The objective of universities is to ensure you succeed with your program; therefore, being able to converse in the desired language is important. English courses also increase your written language adeptness. These preparation programs also cover:

  • written exercises
  • comprehensive feedback and discussions on diverse topics
  • grammar revision
  • vocabulary enrichment
  • essays writing
  • other English skills for academic uses

4. Better adaptation to a new culture – Reasons to Study a Foundation Degree

Studying overseas means you will be subjected to a new culture and environment, sometimes causing a culture shock. Preparation programs concentrate on helping you adapt to a new culture by arranging activities and excursions.

While studying overseas, you will experience the difference in the education system, language and the multicultural feel, as your classmates will be from various parts of the world. You will feel the difference in terms of customs, religion, law, social organisation, lifestyle, government and more.

An international foundation programs can assist you to adjust to university life in a safe atmosphere that will assist you deal with homesickness and the whole confusing feeling of residing in a new place that’s far away from home. Completing a pathway program overseas will improve your confidence and social skills, which will enable you to pursue new adventures, challenges, and prospects both in your career and academic future.

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