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Relocation Grants at Engineering Institute of Technology in Australia 2021

Engineering Institute of Technology in Australia is awarding the Relocation Grants to interested students who are willing to study a degree program at the Institution.

At Engineering Institute of Technology, students have lots of opportunities to work in different types of firms and develop their professional skills. It will give you the chance to develop your management skills and advance to roles supervising projects and people.

About EIT

The Engineering Institute of Technology came to being in 2008 from the foundation created by the sister company, IDC Technologies. Since 1991, IDC’s collection of 300 classroom programs has been attended by more than 500,000 engineering professionals globally with such clients as NASA, Rolls Royce, UN, Rio Tinto, and BHP. EIT leveraged on this by offering certified para-professional vocational engineering education and now provides 15 advanced diploma programs, two diplomas, and one vocational graduate certificate with more courses in development.

In 2014, EIT became a nationally recognized Higher Education Provider and now delivers four bachelors of science (in engineering) degree programs, four undergraduate certificates, four master’s degree programs, four graduate certificates, four graduate diplomas and a professional doctor in engineering. These programs are provided across key fields of engineering.

In line with their strategic precedence and market demand, they launched a second campus in Melbourne in February 2019. Their 2,000 students are mostly working engineering professionals and come from more than 140 nations all over the world, and also international students wanting to undergo on-campus education within Australia.

Application Deadline: November 20, 2021

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Eligible Countries: International

Type: Bachelor and Masters

Value of Relocation Grants: Up to the value of AUD $2,000

Number of Awards: Five

Eligible Field of Studies: Campus Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering), Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering), Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering), Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering), Master of Engineering (Mechanical), Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation), Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems), and Master of Engineering (Civil: Structural).

Eligibility for Relocation Grants at Engineering Institute of Technology

To be eligible for the Relocation Grants, applicants must;

  • be an incoming foreign student enrolled in one of the on-campus programs in Perth, Western Australia, or Melbourne, Victoria.
  • be full fee-paying, without existing scholarships
  • be proficient in the English Language
  • submit one paragraph (contained within the Application Form) explaining why you should be granted this award.
  • satisfy EIT’s entry conditions for the respective program.
  • The Relocation Grants can be awarded in conjunction with another EIT Scholarship.

How to Apply for Relocation Grants at Engineering Institute of Technology

Applicants must meet the admission criteria of their chosen course and apply directly or contact an EIT Course Advisor after that, they can complete the online application form for this award.

  • If you have already submitted your course application, you can still send in your Scholarship Application to [email protected]
  • The closing date for scholarship award applications is 1 month before the start date of the course.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Up to the value of AUD $2,000 to provide the cost of an economy class flight ticket on a one way ticket from the student’s present location (onshore or offshore) to the EIT campus location. EIT will make arrangement for the airfare on your behalf and will add a minimum baggage allowance of 20kg.
  • If the candidate needs extra baggage, then this will have to be booked and paid for by the candidate.
  • If the student is needed to quarantine, then this will have to be arranged and paid for by the student.
  • This award can be withdrawn if the candidate defers their enrolment, is withdrawn by EIT, or the student does not obtain a student visa.

Visit The Official Website For More Information

Application Deadline

  • November 20, 2021

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