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Roberto Franceschi Research Grants in Italy 2021

Roberto Franceschi Research Grants are awarded for scientific research in the area of prevention, identification and management of social pathologies and forms of social exclusion in 2021. For this aim, every year the Foundation establishes a research funding programme named “Roberto Franceschi”, aimed at candidates of Master of Science and Ph.D. programs. For the year 2021, the program is structured by the present announcement.

Roberto Franceschi indicated that a strong devotion to cultural and civic life was essential to accomplish the principles of human rights. The obtained knowledge, merged with ideals of non-formal egalitarianism and social justice, allows to develop socio-economic projects in favour of side-lined peoples, ethnic groups and classes of individuals.

The Foundation christened after him desires to remember particularly his figure and the principles that were his own and not only his tragic demise by making accessible the sum of 16,000 Euros (prior to taxes), which can be allocated to one or more research awards named “Roberto Franceschi”, granted per year following the competitive procedure detailed in a specific announcement and targeted at candidates of Master of Science and PhD programs provided by Universities in Lombardy, including programs carried out in agreement with other institutions, and also PhD candidates of any other Italian or foreign institution, given that they obtained their Master’s Degree from an academic institution in Lombardy.

The Roberto Franceschi Research Grants intends to address two primary flaws of the Italian research structure: (a) the struggle for young researchers to execute autonomous projects; (b) the lack of attention to the gathering of datasets that can be utilised for scientific intentions. Furthermore, this initiative intends to advance the culture of open access to data for the scientific community.

Worth of Roberto Franceschi Research Grants

  • travel expenses
  • board and lodging costs during research expeditions
  • stipend for research assistants/collaborators
  • access to datasets and translations
  • software purchase of supplies required to execute the research
  • other expenses

Candidates for the Roberto Franceschi Research Grants can request for any amount of money up to 16,000 Euros (prior to taxes). The Scientific Committee will deliberate on whether to fund one or more projects and will decide the amount assigned to each, evaluating the appropriateness of expenses.

Eligibility for Roberto Franceschi Research Grants

  • “Roberto Franceschi”, targeted at candidates of Master of Science and Phd programs.
  • The competition for the scholarship awards is accessible to all candidates enrolled at the period of application in a Master of Science or PhD program provided by a University in Lombardy, including programs carried out in collaboration with other universities, or in a PhD program provided by any Italian or foreign University, given that candidates obtained their Master’s Degree from a University in Lombardy.

How to Apply for Roberto Franceschi Research Grants

  • All persons included in the above classifications can apply by sending an email to the address [email protected] by the closing date.
  • The application is required to include the following attachments:
    • candidate’s curriculum vitae;
    • a motivation letter describing candidate’s reasons for applying, with reference to their impending career plans;
    • a comprehensive research project detailing the present knowledge of the research area investigated, the addition to the existing literature, the nature of the data to be gathered, the proposed use of the data, a financial of the foreseen costs so as to justify the requested amount;
    • an abstract of the research project, prepared in line with the structure of the form attached to this publication;
    • a letter of reference from candidate’s PhD supervisor or Master’s thesis supervisor;
    • signed statement in which the candidate either states that they are not getting other research awards or scholarship awards during the same period in which Fondazione Roberto grant is paid or states the type of funding obtained, its expiration date and the institution granting it.

Application Deadline

Applications close by December 15.

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