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Snowdon Masters Scholarship in UK 2021

Snowdon Trust welcomes applications from qualified candidates for the Snowdon Masters Scholarship award for Students with Physical Disabilities in the United Kingdom for the 2021/2022 school session.

The Snowdon Masters Scholarship program has been structured to identify and accelerate skilled disabled students via higher education, developing the influencers of the future.

It is, therefore, seeking persons with the aptitude to bring about change and influence others. This could entail excellence within a selected area of study, or the skill to display leadership more broadly through the workplace or extracurricular undertakings.

So, if you are living with disability and have an established drive for success, you are recommended to apply. This is due to the fact that Snowdon has a network of Disabled Leaders. It, therefore, offers a space for partnership, engagement and debate. In addition, the Disabled Leaders Network will offer a platform for you to establish relationships with other remarkable disabled leaders. It will also go a long way in establishing a center of information, knowledge and support.

About Snowdon Trust

They award grants to physically disabled and sensory impaired scholars schooling in the UK – in further or tertiary education or those undergoing training towards employment.

Their Grants help provide extra costs that scholars incur as a result of their disability and where obtainable statutory funding does not provide them. Expenses comprise vital support like sign language interpreters, individuals to take notes, specialist software, computers, wheelchairs or special accommodation and equipment.

Apart from awarding financial grants, the trust also takes an active interest in persons, providing encouragement to scholars during their education and beyond.

They also take disability matters quite seriously. They try to keep them on the itinerary of both the Government and institutions; they gather data, reply to consultations and ask the ‘difficult questions’.

Worth of Snowdon Masters Scholarship

Given its determination to this cause, it looks to attract the very best scholars to the scheme this is why its generous scholarship awards comprise:

  • Fee funding of up to £15,000 p.a. for a one or two-year UK Master’s program, plus
  • Most (but not all) of its scholarship awards also comprise a further generous stipend towards your expenses whilst studying.

Eligibility for Snowdon Masters Scholarship

So as to be eligible, each applicant is required to bring something different to the program. In view of this, successful applicants will prove that they have some or all of the following qualities:

They are/have

  • excellent leaders, with the aptitude to create change within and outside of their academic fields.
  • persons that have shown brilliance within their selected subjects.
  • proven leadership prospect with a proven drive for success.
  • ability to bring about change and drive disability matters.
  • established accomplishments in academia, employment or voluntary undertakings.

Knowing that leaders usually take unique career paths, Snowdon Trust receives applications from candidates who have recently concluded an undergraduate program. In a similar manner, applications are welcome from those going back to school from the workplace or after a career break.

This is the inspiration behind keeping the Snowdon Masters Scholarship award available to national and foreign disabled scholars with the ability to bring about change. This entails excellence within a selected field of study, or the aptitude to display leadership through the workplace or extracurricular undertakings.

How to Apply for Snowdon Masters Scholarship

All applications are to be carried out online through the official website.

Furthermore to the national scheme, the following institutions provide the chance to apply for a Snowdon Masters Scholarship award by applying to them directly. If you intend to school at one of these, please visit the links to finish your application.

Application Deadline

Applications will end by midday on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. 

Visit here for more information and to apply

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