How Student Reviews Can Help You Find the Best University for You in 2021

As a student looking to find a good university, we believe that student reviews can go a long way in helping you. Are you aware that people read an average of 7 reviews before putting their trust in a business? But have you considered doing the same thing when it comes to tertiary institutions? As a matter of fact, college reviews by students and alumni can play a vital role in helping future students make a decision on their future foreign study programmes and destination.

With the use of the internet, you can search for a university anywhere in the world and decide if the school is right for you, by perusing the student-written reviews and ratings. This is a brilliant way to find out which are the best international colleges based on information from students like you.

What exactly are student reviews?

International student reviews that you can find on the internet are personal evaluations that present and past students can leave about their study experience at a school. Student reviews are a mixture of star ratings and text reports. These reviews showcase the actual experiences of real people who studied overseas.

Just consider the ratings on Uber, Airbnb, IMDB, or the products you might place an order for on Amazon, but for universities. How likely would you have chosen accommodation, a driver, buy a product, or watch a movie if it had a low rating, or not even be reviewed at all? We believe it should be the same way for foreign universities.

It is much easier to make an educated decision if you first go through the reviews, and then select the university that fits you best!

Why do Student Reviews Matter?

We could write so much about why student reviews of schools matter, but here are just a few of the most important benefits:

  • They assist you in making an informed study choice in line with your personal needs
  • An easier way of narrowing down your preferred schools
  • A way to feel the rhythm of international student contentment at a university
  • The opportunity to read personal, realistic, dependable experiences from others like you
  • Get a feel of the reputation of a school, going beyond old-fashioned university rankings

What’s the difference between student reviews and university rankings?

University rankings only concentrate on the overall best schools as regards reputation but are not usually as tuned in on personal student needs. They also assess various conditions and can vary vastly because of this. They usually put into consideration student surveys, but these “reviews” are merely a relatively small percent of the aggregate score of a university.

University reviews and ratings by students assess very individual experiences and share details you might connect with. You can find out about the distinctive experiences of people who are like you. While student ratings do not claim to be impartial, they do tend to result to an overall unbiased score through the average star rating.

However, university rankings are a good instrument to get an idea about top universities, while student reviews provide an extra source of information that is more individualistic and human.

What exactly gets reviewed?

Students and alumni can use various platforms on the internet to rate the university where they study or studied, the program, their social life there, and also their overall experience. Furthermore, they can write tailored comments about their unique experience.

Reviews also appear on programmes and university pages on the official websites of universities. However, we cannot vouch for the objectiveness of such reviews.

Websites that publish these reviews usually accept reviews from people who studied at the institution in the last few years. This comprises the students presently taking a degree at the university. This way, they keep information fresh and fitting for all readers.


By sharing your review and rating about a school, you will provide other foreign students all over the world a helping hand. Let others become aware of how cool your study experience was, and support your university to attain the global recognition it deserves!

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