Study in Australia – How to Apply

To study in Australia you’ll have to apply for admission to a school and also obtain a student visa from the Australian Government. Once you have decided on a program and a school, it is time to apply for admission.

Application process – Study in Australia

The first step to study in Australia is to apply for the program you want. There are two ways to apply:

1. Direct to the education provider

To apply direct, get the application form from the academic institution’s website. If you are applying for programs at more than one school, you will have to submit a separate application to each of the schools.

2. Through an Australian education agent

Most institutions partner with a number of agents. Information on the agents an institution works with can be located on their website or by getting in touch with them directly.

You will have to arrange supporting documentation to submit with your application. The documents differ depending on the program, provider and qualification you’re applying for. The most important documents include:

  • Certificates that confirm your former study, including qualifications you already possess.
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency.
  • Certificates or credentials which confirm previous education or work experience if you are looking for course credits. These must be translated into English.

Receiving your Letter of Offer – Study in Australia

If your application is accepted, you will be sent a ‘Letter of Offer’. To verify your offer, you have to respond to this letter by signing and submitting an acceptance of offer back to the school. This can typically be done by mail or, in some situations, by scanning and emailing the letter. The Letter of Offer is a bond between you and the school. It specifies the program you will be enrolled in, enrolment terms, the fees you are required to pay, and the refund payable if you don’t finish your course with that provider. This contract is very crucial – if you don’t commence your program, or finish your program, this written agreement will be used to determine if you will get a refund.


  • Peruse the Letter of Offer prudently before you accept it.
  • Ensure that you recognize all your rights, and also the refund arrangements.
  • Do not consent to Letter of Offer if you are not satisfied with any of its terms.
  • Save a copy of the Letter of Offer. You will require this copy so that you are informed of your rights and if you have to make a claim against the school.

Confirmation of Enrolment

After you have agreed to your Offer and paid your fee deposit, you will get an ‘Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment’ (eCoE) through email. This will summarise your program start date, total program fees and how long your program will run for.

Visa application – Study in Australia

If you are making application for your Student Visa via the Department of Home Affairs online lodgement facility, you will require the details of your eCoE to submit your visa application. If you are submitting a paper visa application, you are required to provide the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment before the visa can be granted.

Normally, secondary school exchange candidates and candidates sponsored by either Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Defence are the only candidates who will not need a confirmation of enrolment certificate.

You should make sure that you satisfy conditions for a student visa to study in Australia before you accept an offer and pay any tuition fees.

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