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Women Building Peace Award at USIP in USA 2021

The U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) welcomes applications for the Women Building Peace Award program in 2021 at Washington, D.C.

History has proven that civil struggle is most successful when women are involved; peace procedures are more probably to last when women are included, and a nation’s tendency for conflict is lower with greater levels of gender equality. The Women Building Peace Award denotes the Institute’s devotion to highlighting the crucial role of individual women who are working daily in delicate or conflict-affected nations or regions in the pursuit of peace. The award program will recognize a woman peacebuilder whose significant and hands-on contribution to peace is a motivation and leading light for future women peacebuilders.

USIP has long been involved in supporting women peacebuilders in nations affected by conflict—comprising mediators in Colombia, activists for gender equality in Pakistan, religious leaders across the Middle East who are progressing the rights of women and girls, and leaders of non-violent movements all around the globe.

The introduction of the Women Building Peace Award both signifies the Institute’s comprehensive devotion to gender and peacebuilding and validates the vital role women play in peacebuilding efforts.

Worth of Women Building Peace Award

  • The recipient will obtain $10,000, to be spent at the beneficiary’s discretion.
  • The beneficiary will be recognized at a ceremony arranged by the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) in Washington, D.C.

Eligibility for Women Building Peace Award

  • Because this award programs intends to celebrate the often invisible yet crucial role that women play in peacebuilding, USIP strongly urges nominations of individual women who have not in the past been recognized for their work in peacebuilding.

So as to be qualified for the Women Building Peace Award, nominees are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Nominee has to be a woman who is a minimum of 18 years of age or older.
  • Nominee has to be a non-U.S. national working to build peace in a fragile or conflict-affected nation or region.
  • Nominee cannot be presently or lately linked with USIP. This includes functioning as a USIP staff member, fellow, contractor, or recipient within the 24 months prior to submission, or a past Women Building Peace awardee.

Selection Criteria

Condition for choosing the awardee:

  • Commitment to Peace: A woman whose work demonstrates a devotion to peace by averting or resolving conflict non-violently in a delicate or conflict-affected nation or region.
  • Exceptional Leadership: A woman who demonstrates excellent leadership via her vision and innovation and has gotten the reverence of her community in the pursuit of peace.
  • Outstanding Practitioner: A woman who works as a peacebuilding practitioner in a wide-ranging and hands-on manner with members of local, national, or foreign communities.
  • Significant Impact: A woman whose peacebuilding work has led to perceptible or noticeable results.

How to Apply for Women Building Peace Award

  • Self-nominations will not be considered.
  • The nominee has to be willing and able to travel to Washington, D.C. for the award program and talk publicly about her work.
  • The nomination application can be carried out by any person who is familiar with the nominee and her work.
  • Nomination applications have to be typed and handed in in English.
  • Nomination Application Submission. When a nominator registers for an account, they will get login details to access the FLUXX online website. With login details, nominators may then start to fill out a nomination application. All finished nomination applications have to be gotten by 2:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Late nomination submissions will not be given consideration for the award program.
  • Register for a FLUXX account
  • Nomination applications will be evaluated at intervals.
  • They request that nominators inform the women they nominate that an application has been handed in on their behalf. If chosen, beneficiaries are required to take part in a public ceremony, social media campaigns, and media involvements.

Application Deadline: All finished nominations have to be gotten by 2:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. 

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